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Once hailed as a “miracle” mineral, asbestos has been used since the early 1900s for fireproofing, insulation and sound control. Time, however, has proven asbestos to be a significant health hazard, linked to serious lung disease and two types of cancer.

Anchor Industrial Services has the expertise, the experience and the equipment to protect your staff and environment from the hazards of this dangerous material. Using state-of-the-art equipment, advanced systems and fully trained and certified workers, we can help you meet your legal, health and safety requirements.


We have the skill and knowledge for removal and proper disposal of pipe, duct, boiler and other insulations, sprayed-on fire retardant and sound insulation, floor and ceiling tiles, panel boards, and other asbestos-containing products. All work, performed in full accordance with federal, state and local regulations, is managed to minimize disruption to your operations.


In many cases, containment may provide an equally satisfactory and less costly solution to the dangers of asbestos exposure. Procedures may include encapsulation, coating and/or removal of deteriorating sections only. Procedures and materials meet federal and local standards.


Where no immediate danger is posed, an ongoing Operations & Maintenance (O&M) asbestos management program may provide necessary levels of safety assurance. The O&M program may include such elements as building surveys, hazard assessment, regular inspection, testing and analysis of materials, air sampling, and contingency removal or containment plans.

Turn Key

Anchor Industrial Services replaces removed materials including ceiling tile, floor tile, pipe, boiler and duct insulation, paint and windows, providing a one-contract turn key operation.

Get more information on asbestos from the Environmental Protection Agency and the Texas Department of Health Services.