We are a recognized industry leader in surface preparation and application of industrial coatings

Anchor Industrial Services has distinguished itself over the years as a progressive company with the resources to handle any size project. When it comes to industrial painting, coating requirements, new construction capital projects, or routine maintenance, we have the expertise to accomplish your goals.

Anchor can help protect your valuable assets and reduce costs over the long and short term.

Long term, we are effectively managing the application process in association with our engineered approach to painting (Total Corrosion Management) where we identify the most optimum time to repaint for assets in accordance with schedule, budget, or other specific client restraints, all adding value for our clients.

Short term, our company has the labor, equipment, and knowledge resources to perform client projects driven by schedule, budget, experience, knowledge, economies of scale or project specific parameters, give us your challenge, we will help you develop a solution.

Anchor Industrial Services can handle the most challenging coating projects, regardless of their location, complexity, and material requirements as we make sure to work with the best materials (go to California Industrial Rubber Co. for more info).

Industrial Painting Applications Include:
  • Shop coatings.
  • Vessel and Tank Linings: epoxy, vinyl ester, phenolics, elastomeric urethanes and others.
  • Secondary containment linings.
  • Thin & thick film floor coatings.
  • Self-leveling and trowel-down floor coating systems.

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